Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts

Second Edition

  • Richard E Klabunde
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Now in its second edition, this highly accessible monograph lays a foundation for understanding of the underlying concepts of normal cardiovascular function. Students of medicine and related disciplines welcome the book's concise coverage as a practical partner or alternative to a more mechanistically oriented approach or an encyclopedic physiology text. A focus on well-established cardiovascular principles reflects recent, widely accepted research from the field.
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Cardiovascular System; Chapter 2 Electrical Activity of the Heart; Chapter 3 Cellular Structure and Function; Chapter 4 Cardiac Function; Chapter 5 Vascular Function; Chapter 6 Neurohumoral Control of the Heart and Circulation; Chapter 7 Organ Blood Flow; Chapter 8 Exchange Function of the Microcirculation; Chapter 9 Cardiovascular Integration and Adaptation.
Uitgavejaar 2011
ISBN 9781451113846
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2011
Omvang 256
Editie 2nd edition
Auteur(s) Richard E Klabunde
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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