Emergency Medicine

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  • James G. Adams
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Announcing a better source for dependable answers in your fast-paced field! This new reference, edited by James G. Adams, MD, presents the right kind of know-how - the right way - so you can get what you need and move on. You'll have just enough background to understand each problem without getting bogged down ...expert decision-making assistance, with evidence where available ...and a user-friendly format that delivers high-yield guidance in instants, both in print and online!
Section I Resuscitation Skills and Techniques 1 Basic Airway Management, David A. Caro 2 Advanced Airway Management, Aaron E. Bair and Erik G. Laurin 3 Mechanical Ventilation, Robert J. Sigillito 4 Circulatory Assessment and Support, Michael E. Winters 5 Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access, Emily Baran 6 Dysrhythmias in Cardiorespiratory Arres, Jeffrey D. Ferguson, Kostas Alibertis, and William J. Brady 7 Trauma Resuscitation, Trevor J. Mills 8 The Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma, Emily Baran 9 Ethics of Resuscitation, Tammie E. Quest 10 Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine, Jennifer Avegno 11 Procedural Sedation, Andy Godwin and Beranton Whisenant 12 Local and Regional Anesthesia, Heather Murphy-Lavoie 13 Resuscitation in Pregnancy, Susan B. Promes 14 Newborn Resuscitation, Katherine Bakes and Kurt Whitaker 15 Pediatric Resuscitation, Ghazala Q. Sharieff and Maureen McCollough 16 Pediatric Trauma, Kurt Whitaker and Katherine Bakes Section II Special Considerations in the Pediatric Patient 17 General Approach to the Pediatric Patient, Antonio E. Muniz 18 The First Weeks of Life, John Nelson Perret 19 Infants and Toddlers, Mark McIntosh Section III Head and Neck Injuries 20 Eye Emergencies, Kriti Bhatia and Rahul Sharma 21 Ear Emergencies, Thomas Morrissey and Andy Godwin 22 Dental Emergencies, Kip Benko 23 Pharynx and Throat Emergencies, H. Gene Hern 24 Maxillofacial Disorders, Laura J. Bontempo Section IV Gastrointestinal Diseases 25 Approach to the Patient with Abdominal Pain, Jared N. Strote and David A. Townes 26 Esophageal Disorders, Chad Crystal and Marc Levsky 27 Diseases of the Stomach, Danielle Ware-McGee 28 Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Sheryl L. Heron and Patricia Baines 29 Mesenteric Ischemia, Kelly P. O'Keefe and Tracy G. Sanson 30 Diverticulitis,Kelly P. O'Keefe and Tracy G. Sanson 31 Inflammatory Bowel Disease,Michael I. Omori and Michael A. Gisondi 32 Constipation, Kathleen Schrank 33 Hernias, Chandra D. Aubin 34 Appendicitis, Rita A. Manfredi and Claudia Ranninger 35 Bowel Obstructions, Keith Boniface 36 Anorectal Disorders, John M. Boe and Tara Roeder 37 Hepatic Disease, Richard Paula 38 Pancreatitis, Mitchell C. Sokolosky 39 Biliary Disease, Sanjay Shetty 40 Emergency Biliary Ultrasonography, Emily Baran 41 Pediatric Abdominal Disorders, Russ Horowitz 42 Gastrointestinal Devices and Procedures, Kerin A. Jones 43 Complications of Bariatric Surgery, Robert F. Poirier Section V Pulmonary Diseases 44 Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Rita K. Cydulka and Craig G. Bates 45 Lung Infections, David S. Howes and Joseph F. Peabody 46 Pneumothorax, David E. Manthey and Bret Nicks 47 Pleural Effusion, Bret Nicks and David E. Manthey 48 The Lung Transplant Patient in the Emergency Department, Robert L. Rogers Section VI Cardiac Diseases 49 Cardiac Imaging and Stress Testing, Andra L. Blomkalns and Rhonda S. Cadena 50 Congestive Heart Failure, Joshua M. Kosowsky 51 Bradyarrhythmias, Sarah A. Stahmer and Robert Cowan 52 Tachycardias, Keith A. Marill 53 Pericarditis, Pericardial Tamponade, and Myocarditis,Amal Mattu and Joseph P. Martinez 54 Cardiac Valvular Emergencies, Todd C. Rothenhaus 55 Endocarditis, Osman R. Sayan and Wallace A. Carter 56 Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies, Nathan W. Mick 57 Chest Pain, Matthew Strehlow and Jeffrey Tabas 58 Emergencies Associated with Implanted Cardiac Devices, Daniel Cabrera, Amy Jo Irvin, and Wyatt W. Decker 59 Acute Coronary Syndrome, David F. M. Brown Section VII Vascular Diseases 60 Aortic Dissection, Nima Afshar and Chris Newton 61 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm,Danielle Ware-McGee and Jamie Collings 62 Aortic Ultrasound, Mary Ann Edens, Emily Baran 63 Peripheral Arterial Disease, Christopher Ross and Theresa Schwab 64 Hypertensive Crisis, Philip Shayne and Tara D. Director 65 Pulmonary Embolism, D. Mark Courtney 66 Venous Thrombosis and Venous Disorders, James V. Ritchie 67 Emergency Lower Extremity Venous Ultrasonography for Deep Vein Thrombosis, Emily Baran Section VIII Injuries to Bones and Organs 68 Traumatic Brain Injury, Daniel Davis 69 How to Read a Head CT Scan, Andrew D. Perron 70 Spine Trauma and Spinal Cord Injury, Michelle Lin and Swaminatha V. Mahadevan 71 Facial Trauma, John H. Burton and Nicholas Armellino 72 Penetrating Neck Trauma, Niels K. Rathlev, Mark E. Bracken, and Ron Medzon 73 Thoracic Trauma, John Bailitz 74 Blunt Abdominal Trauma,Carlo L. Rosen, Eric L. Legome, and Richard E. Wolfe 75 Penetrating Abdominal Trauma, Eric L. Legome and Carlo L. Rosen 76 Pelvic Fractures, Leigh A. Patterson 77 Genitourinary Trauma, Michael S. Runyon and Michael A. Gibbs 78 Hip and Femur Injuries, Philip Bossart 79 Knee and Lower Leg Injuries, Christy McCowen 80 Foot and Ankle Injuries, Jorge del Castillo 81 Tendinitis and Bursitis, Erin Lareau and Ted Koutouzis 82 Injuries to the Shoulder Girdle, M. Scott Linscott 83 Forearm Fractures, Trevor J. Mills 84 Hand and Wrist Injuries, John C. Southall 85 Arterial and Venous Trauma and Great Vessel Injuries, Stephen J. Wolf and Gayle Braunholtz 86 Acute Compartment Syndrome, David A. Peak 87 Low Back Pain, Gerard S. Doyle 88 Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies, Russ Horowitz Section IX Neurologic Diseases 89 Altered Mental Status and Coma, Jeremy L. Cooke and William G. Barsan 90 Cranial Nerve Disorders, Ernest E. Wang 91 Vertigo,Gretchen S. Lent and Andrew K. Chang 92 Peripheral Nerve Disorders, Phillip Andrus and Andy Jagoda 93 Demyelinating Disorders, Scott E. Rudkin 94 Seizures, Asim F. Tarabar, Andrew S. Ulrich, and Gail D'Onofrio 95 Transient Ischemic Attack and Acute Ischemic Stroke, Scott Jolley and Todd L. Allen 96 Headache, Joshua N. Goldstein and Jonathan A. Edlow 97 Intracranial and Other Central Nervous System Lesions, Steven M. Zahn 98 Intracranial Hemorrhages, J. Stephen Huff and Chris Ghaemmaghami 99 Syncope, James Quinn 100 Delirium and Dementia, Yasuharu Okuda and Andy Jagoda 101 Neurologic Procedures, Edward C. Jauch and Brian A. Stettler Section X Allergic, Inflammatory, and Autoimmune Disorders 102 Allergies, Allergic Disease, and Anaphylaxis,T. Paul Tran and Robert L. Muelleman 103 Arthritis and Inflammatory Joint and Synovial Disorders, Kathleen Schrank and Amy Zosel 104 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, James G. Adams and Clare Sercombe 105 Connective Tissue and Inflammatory Disorders, Raveendra S. Morchi 106 Vasculitis Syndromes, Paul J. Allegretti Section XI Genitourinary and Renal Diseases 107 Male Genitourinary Emergencies, Jonathan E. Davis 108 Nephrolithiasis, Carl R. Menckhoff 109 Hematuria, Edward John Ward 110 Pediatric Genitourinary and Renal Disorders, Ingrid T. Lim and N. Ewen Wang 111 Renal Failure, Troy P. Coon and Michael A. Miller 112 Emergency Renal Ultrasonography, Emily Baran 113 Dialysis-Related Emergencies, Yi-Mei Chng and Gregory H. Gilbert 114 Renal Transplant Complications, Gerald Maloney Section XII Women's Health and Gynecologic Diseases 115 The Healthy Pregnancy, Jon D. Van Roo and Matthew Kippenhan 116 Disorders of Early Pregnancy, Matthew Kippenhan 117 First-Trimester Ultrasonography: Evaulation for Intrauterine Pregnancy, Mary Ann Edens and Emily Baran 118 Complications of Third Trimester Pregnancy, Sally A. Santen and Robin R. Hemphill 119 Emergency Delivery and Peripartum Emergencies, Rachel Reisner and Jeremy Branzetti 120 Postpartum Emergencies, Fiona E. Gallahue 121 Gynecologic Pain and Vaginal Bleeding, Colleen Roche 122 Complications of Gynecologic Procedures, Abortion, and Assisted Reproductive Technology, Christine Yang-Kauh and Tara Khan 123 Gynecologic Infections, Jamil Bayram and Mamta Malik 124 Breast Disorders, Karen Jubanyik 125 Pediatric Gynecological Disorders, Jennifer Anders 126 Intimate Partner Violence, Beatrice D. Probst 127 Sexual Assault, Matthew P. Lazio and Jamie Collings 128 Emergency Contraception, Tomer Begaz Section XIII Environmental Injuries 129 Heat-Related Injuries, Catherine McLaren Oliver 130 Hypothermia and Frostbite, Robert L. Stephen 131 Lightning and Electrical Injuries, Christopher B. Colwell 132 Dysbarism, Dive Injuries, and Decompression Illness, David Ulick and Heather Murphy-Lavoie 133 Submersion Injuries, Mohammed Abu Aish and Niranjan Kisson 134 Acute Radiation Emergencies, David A. Caro 135 Smoke Inhalation, Thomas Kunisaki and Andy Godwin 136 Chemical and Nuclear Agents, Rick G. Kulkarni Section XIV Toxicologic Emergencies 137 General Approach to the Poisoned Patient, Victor Tuckler and Jorge Martinez 138 Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and NSAIDs, Heather Long 139 Anticholinergics, Jessica A. Fulton and Lewis S. Nelson 140 Insecticides, Herbicides, and Rodenticides, Robert Cannon and Anne-Michelle Ruha 141 Antidepressants and Antipsychotics, Sean M. Bryant 142 Cardiovascular Drugs, Kirk Cumpston 143 Sympathomimetics, Gar Ming Chan and Lewis S. Nelson 144 Hallucinogens and Drugs of Abuse, Mark B. Mycyk 145 Toxic Alcohols, Mark B. Mycyk 146 Hydrocarbons, David D. Gummin 147 Inhaled Toxins, Trevonne M. Thompson and Steven E. Aks 148 Ethanol and Opioid Intoxication and Withdrawal, Michael J. Schmidt and Cynthia Galvan 149 Sedative-Hypnotic Agents, James W. Rhee and Timothy B. Erickson 150 Anticonvulsant Drugs, Victor Tuckler and Michael Catenacci 151 Antimicrobial Drugs, Victor Tuckler and Claudia Barthold 152 Hypoglycemic Agent Overdose, Mark Su 153 Over-the-Counter Medications, Tri Chau Tong 154 Pediatric Overdoses, Jennifer E. McCain and Erica L. Liebelt Section XV Bites, Stings, and Injuries from Animals 155 Mammalian Bites, Ashley Booth 156 Venomous Snakebites in North America, Robert L. Norris 157 Arthropod Bites and Stings, Rais Vohra and Richard F. Clark 158 Non-Snake Reptile Bites,Troy E. Madsen and Stephen C. Hartsell 159 Marine Envenomaton and Injuries, Christopher G. Jenson and Francis L. Counselman Section XVI Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders 160 Fluid Management, Alan C. Heffner and Matthew T. Robinson 161 Acid-Base Disorders, Matthew T. Robinson and Alan C. Heffner 162 Alcoholic Ketoacidosis, Christopher R. Carpenter 163 Diabetes and Hyperglycemia, Matthew N. Graber 164 Hypoglycemia, Wesley H. Self 165 Sodium and Water Balance, Michael C. Wadman 166 Potassium, Sandy Sineff and Michael A. Gisondi 167 Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus, Rawle A. Seupaul and Ryan Pursley 168 Thyroid Disorders, David Hackstadt and Frederick Korley 169 Adrenal Crisis, Brian K. Nelson 170 Rhabdomyolysis, Bruce D. Adams and Jill A. Grant 171 Pituitary Apoplexy, Brian K. Nelson Section XVII Infections 172 Child with a Fever, James E. Colletti and Erik P. Hess 173 Meningitis, Encephalitis, and Brain Abscess, Amandeep Singh and Susan B. Promes 174 Sepsis, Michael J. Schmidt 175 Infections in the Immunocompromised Host, Fredrick M. Abrahamian 176 Viral Infections, Deepi G. Goyal, Kristine Thompson, and Annie T. Sadosty 177 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Ellen M. Slaven 178 Fungal Infections, Richard Paula 179 Helminths, Lice, and Scabies Infections, Kathleen J. Clem 180 Tetanus, Lisa D. Mills 181 Rabies, Lisa D. Mills 182 Tick-Borne Diseases, Jonathan A. Edlow 183 Tuberculosis, Jennifer L. Isenhour and D. Matthew Sullivan 184 Epidemic Infections in Bioterrorism, Amer Aldeen 185 Food and Water-Borne Infections, David K. Zich 186 Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Ellen M. Slaven Section XVIII Wounds and Skin Injuries 187 Wound Repair, E. Parker Hays, Jr. 188 Soft Tissue Injury, Matthew R. Levine and Jill F. Lehrman 189 Thermal Burns, Jeffrey Druck 190 Chemical Burns, Jeffrey Druck Section XIX Rashes 191 Rash in the Acutely Ill Patient, Guido F. Valdes 192 Localized Rashes, Generalized Rashes, and Pediatric Exanthems, David N. Zull, David Salzman, and Jamie Collings Section XX Emergency Psychiatric Disorders 193 The Emergency Psychiatric Assessment, Douglas M. Char 194 Psychosis and Psychotropic Medication, Lynda Daniel-Underwood and Tae Eung Kim 195 The Violent Patient, Eric Isaacs 196 Self-Harm and Danger to Others, Keith Borg 197 Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Christopher S. Kang and Benjamin P. Harrison 198 Conversion Disorder, Psychosomatic Illness, and Malingering, Robin A. C. Marshall 199 Addiction, Randall S. Jotte 200 Anorexia Nervosa and Bulemia Nervosa, Jason E. Liebzeit Section XXI Hematology and Oncology Management 201 Introduction to Oncologic Emergencies, Jeremy D. Sperling 202 Cardiovascular and Neurologic Oncologic Emergencies, Jacob Ufberg and Manish Garg 203 White Blood Cell Disorders, Jay Lemery 204 Emergency Management of Red Blood Cell Disorders, Ugo A. Ezenkwele Section XXII Leadership, Communication, and Administration 205 Leadership and Emergency Medicine, J. Stephen Bohan 206 The Quality Movement in Health Care: A Primer, Azita G. Hamedani and Elizabeth Mort 207 Patient Safety in Emergency Medicine, Cherri D. Hobgood 208 Conflict Resolution in Emergency Medicine, Gus M. Garmel 209 Informed Consent and Assessing Decision-Making Capacity in the Emergency Department, Diane B. Heller 210 Regulatory and Legal Issues in the Emergency Department, Paul D. Biddinger 211 Medical-Legal Issues in Emergency Medicine, Gregory L. Henry 212 Coding and Billing, James K. Takayesu Index Bonus content available only on the companion Expert Consult website Appendix 1 Evidence-Based Medicine, Jaime Vasquez Appendix 2 Antibiotic Recommendations for Empirical Treatment of Selected Infectious Diseases, Ellen M. Slaven Bonus Chapter 1 Basic Emergency Ultrasound, Emily Baran Bonus Chapter 2 Cardiac Emergency Ultrasound: Evaluating for Pericardial Effusion and Cardiac Activity, Emily Baran
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