Innovations in Stress and Health

  • Susan Cartwright
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The costs of stress and ill health to society are enormous. The recent Black Report (2008) to the UK on the health of the working age population estimated the annual cost of sickness, absence and 'worklessness' associated with working-age ill health to be in excess of GBP100 billion. Stress-related conditions, such as anxiety and depression, are the second most common reason for absence from work. In the wider population, one in four people experience mental ill-health problems each year and nearly a third of all diseases and disabilities are linked to people's lifestyle behaviours. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on workplace initiatives to reduce stress and improve individual resilience, lifestyle education and health promotion activities more generally. This volume brings together the contributions of chief medical officers, leading health professionals and academics to present their perspectives on recent and emergent innovations in the field of stress and health.
Introduction; S.Cartwright & C.L.Cooper Is Pressure or Energy Management the Key to High Performance?; E.Teasdale & S.Connelly Developing Vitality: Evidence from the Lamplighter Health Initiative; J.Cooper, D.Patterson, S.Cartwright & P.Gibbs Organizational Factors that can Help to Support, or Work Against, the Introduction of Interventions to Reduce Stress at Work; S.Whitaker The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Developing a Systems Approach to Tackling Mental Health in the Workplace; S.Wang & A.Kinder Promoting Emotional Well-Being through Social Prescribing; H.Abernethy
Uitgavejaar 2011
ISBN 9780230251915
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2011
Omvang 192
Auteur(s) Susan Cartwright
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