My Happy Dog

The Natural Way to Canine Health and Vitality

  • Kate Bendix
€ 22,10
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Top Dog is the book that every dog lover has been waiting for. Imagine having a dog with the shiniest coat, the wettest nose, the brightest eyes and a svelte physique. A dog with 'good' energy, better concentration, that sleeps well and, wait for it, smells delicious. It would be like a L'Oreal ad, only with dogs. Well, you can have that dog. Top Dog is written by Kate Bendix, a funny, straight-talking dog lover who got sick of riding the multinational gravy train that is the global pet market and decided that there had to be another way of having a dog. She explains how to improve your dog's health dramatically with a change of diet and how to treat the most common dog ailments yourself, using natural remedies that really do work. The latest research on the importance of training, mental stimulation and exercise is in here too. If you've ever found lungworm intriguing, or peered inside a tin of dog food and thought, 'Yup, I wouldn't fancy that myself', this book is for you. By following Kate's common sense approach and making a few tweaks, you will have a happier dog that will stay healthier for longer. Because she's worth it. Includes: Advice on how to choose the right breed for you 10 healthy dinner recipes and 10 recipes for tasty wholesome treats Case studies showcasing Kate's approach and how it has changed many dogs' lives, permanently
This book presents another way of having a dog, a holistic, natural guide to raising a happy pet who will stay healthier for longer - without costing you a fortune.
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781780721781
Verschijningsdatum 6 nov. 2014
Auteur(s) Kate Bendix
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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