Neonatal and Pediatric Liver and Metabolic Diseases

  • Manoj K. Ghoda
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This book is written to simplify complex topics of neonatal and pediatric liver and metabolic diseases which are encountered by clinicians on a day to day basis. Neonatal and early pediatric liver diseases are very much different from adult liver diseases. Most of them are either structural diseases or genetically modulated metabolic disorders affecting liver. They all look same; however the underlying etiology could be quite different. This book thoroughly covers various neonatal and pediatric liver and metabolic diseases through a unique clinical case based approach via a vast clinical experience of the author. The book presents more than 50 unique cases and presents real life learning scenario with various examples facilitating better understanding of the disease and the ways to analyze it. The book uses a simple language and presents line diagrams and algorithms facilitating learning. This book shall be a valuable resource for practicing general pediatricians, pediatric residents and gastroenterologists with involvement in pediatric liver and liver related metabolic diseases.
Neonatal and Pediatric liver Diseases1.1 Neonatal and pediatric liver diseases1.2 Neonatal jaundice:1.3 1.3 Liver Function Tests:1.4 Investigating a case of neonatal jaundice:1.5 Treatment in a case of Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia till a definitive diagnosis is made:Basic understanding of Inborn Error of Metabolism and Metabolic disorders:* Clinical presentation of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM):* Investigations of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM):******************Cases:Case 1: 20 month old child with recurrent convulsions.Case 2: A 9 year old boy presenting with hepatitis, epistaxis and bleeding from gums.Case 3: Lightening strikes at one place thrice!! Case 4: A worried couple with a child having jaundice.Case 5: A 2 year old child who had recurrent hematemesis and bleeding per rectum.Case 5: A 2 year old child who had recurrent hematemesis and bleeding per rectum. Case 6: A child who had lost appetite and interest. Case 7: A year old child with chronic diarrhea and failure to thrive.Case 8: A 3 year old male with recurrent diarrhea and chest infection Case 9: 11 months old twins with Inborn errors of metabolism. Case 10: A child with recurrent diarrhea Case 11: A 3 month old child with recurrent fever, diarrhea, failure to thrive and electrolyte disturbances. Case 12: A 13-Year-Old girl with chronic abdominal Pain and Vomiting. Case 13: A 6 month old child with neonatal cholestasis and generalized edema. Case: 14. A 6 weeks old child who had progressive jaundice and creamy white stools.Case: 15. Milk brandingCase 16: An 8 year old son of a lady executive who was a keen "net" searcher.Case 17: Neo rich parents who wanted best for their child!Case 18: A case of "Criggler-Najjar syndrome".Case: 19. A pleasant child who developed prolonged jaundice Case 20: Prolonged neonatal jaundice and cardiac defects:Case 21: Neonatal jaundice in a child with ocular problem:Case 22: A 3 year old girl with unexplained vomiting and failure to thrive.Case 23: A 3 year old boy with failure to thrive and progressively stiffening muscles.Case 24: A 2 month old child with neonatal ascites.Case 25: A patient with sickle cell anemia with sudden onset of jaundice.Case 26: A 7 year old boy with recurrence of jaundice.Case 28: An eight year old boy with recurrent jaundice. Case 29: A 3 yr. old with huge liver and abnormal liver functions. Case-30: A fifteen year old boy with prolonged jaundiceCase-31: A young girl with recurrent jaundice and vague RUQ mass.Case-32: A young boy with ascites.Case 33: Two cases of recurrence of jaundice.Case 34: A 12 years old boy with "obstructive jaundice".Case 35: 11 years old boy with jaundice and bleeding PR.Case 36: A young boy with failed renal transplant and sudden onset of ascites.Case 37: A 2-Year-Old Boy with Diarrhea, Failure to thrive, and HepatomegalyCase 38: A child with "recurrent attacks of asthma"Case 39: A 3 years old boy with recurrent jaundice and severe iron deficiency anemia.Case 40: 3 years old boy with huge liver.Case 41: A case of neonatal liver failureCase 42: A case of acute hepatitis and ......something more.Case 43: A case of neonatal hepatitis and failure to thrive.Case 44: An infant with sudden onset of unilateral ptosis and jaundice.Case 45: A neonate with rapidly deteriorating liver functions. Case 46: A 6 month old child with hematemesis:Case 47: A young child with persistent elevation of SGOT/ SGPT.Case 48: An infant with persistent vomiting.Case 49: A case of Fever and jaundice.Case 50: A neonate with jaundice and enlarged liver.Case 51: A case of huge hepatomegaly but no hypoglycemia.Case 52: Pregnant lady with HBsAg positivity: A paediatrician's perspective.
Uitgavejaar 2021
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Auteur(s) Manoj K. Ghoda
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