Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle

  • Subcommittee on Dairy Cattle Nutrition
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This widely used reference has been updated and revamped to reflect the changing face of the dairy industry. New features allow users to pinpoint nutrient requirements more accurately for individual animals. The committee also provides guidance on how nutrient analysis of feed ingredients, insights into nutrient utilization by the animal, and formulation of diets to reduce environmental impacts can be applied to productive management decisions. The book includes a user-friendly computer program on a compact disk, accompanied by extensive context-sensitive "Help" options, to simulate the dynamic state of animals. The committee addresses important issues unique to dairy science-the dry or transition cow, udder edema, milk fever, low-fat milk, calf dehydration, and more. The also volume covers dry matter intake, including how to predict feed intake. It addresses the management of lactating dairy cows, utilization of fat in calf and lactation diets, and calf and heifer replacement nutrition. In addition, the many useful tables include updated nutrient composition for commonly used feedstuffs.
1 Front Matter; 2 Overview; 3 1. Dry Matter Intake; 4 2. Energy; 5 3. Fat; 6 4. Carbohydrates; 7 5. Protein and Amino Acids; 8 6. Minerals; 9 7. Vitamins; 10 8. Water Requirements; 11 9. Unique Aspects of Dairy Cattle Nutrition; 12 10. Nutrient Requirements of the Young Calf; 13 11. Growth; 14 12. Dairy Cattle Nutrition and the Environment; 15 13. Carbohydrate Chemistry and Feed Processing; 16 14. Nutrient Requirement Tables; 17 15. Nutrient Composition of Feeds; 18 16. Model Evaluation and Prediction Equations; 19 Glossary; 20 User's Guide; 21 About the Authors; 22 Index
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780309069977
Serie Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals: A Series
Verschijningsdatum 9 jan. 2001
Omvang 408
Editie 7Rev ed
Auteur(s) Subcommittee on Dairy Cattle Nutrition
Taal Engels
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