Practical Pharmaceutics

An International Guideline for the Preparation, Care and Use of Medicinal Products

  • Yvonne Bouwman-Boer, V'Iain Fenton-May, Paul Le Brun
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This book contains essential knowledge on the preparation, control, logistics, dispensing and use of medicines. It features chapters written by experienced pharmacists working in hospitals and academia throughout Europe, complete with practical examples as well as information on current EU-legislation. From prescription to production, from usage instructions to procurement and the impact of medicines on the environment, the book provides step-by-step coverage that will help a wide range of readers. It offers product knowledge for all pharmacists working directly with patients and it will enable them to make the appropriate medicine available, to store medicines properly, to adapt medicines if necessary and to dispense medicines with the appropriate information to inform patients and caregivers about product care and how to maintain their quality. This basic knowledge will also be of help to industrial pharmacists to remind and focus them on the application of the medicines manufactured. The basic and practical knowledge on the design, preparation and quality management of medicines can directly be applied by the pharmacists whose main duty is production in community and hospital pharmacies and industries. Undergraduate as well as graduate pharmacy students will find knowledge and backgrounds in a fully coherent way and fully supported with examples.
Preface 1. Introduction Yvonne Bouwman, V'Iain Fenton-May 2. Prescription assessment Andrew Lowey, Stefanie Melhorn 3.Availability of medicines Helena Jenzer, V'Iain Fenton-May 4.Oral solids Minna Helin-Tanninen, Joao Pinto 5.Oral liquids Antje Lein, Shiwai Ng 6.Pulmonary Anne de Boer, Ernst Eber 7.Oropharynx Suzy Dreijer 8.Nose Suzy Dreijer, Anita Hafner 9.Ear Suzy Dreijer, Monya Gantumur 10.Eye Annick Ludwig, Holger Reimann 11.Rectal and vaginal Stineke Haas, Herman Woerdenbag, Malgorzata Sznitowska 12.Dermal Antje Lein, Christien Oussoren 13.Parenteral Marija Tubic, Irene Kramer 14.Irrigation and dialysis Daan Touw, Olga Mucicova 15.Product design Herman Vromans, Giovanni Pauletti 16.Biopharmaceutics Erik Frijlink, Daan Touw, Herman Woerdenbag 17.Quality risk management Yvonne Bouwman, Lilli Moller Andersen 18.Physical chemistry Wouter Hinrichs, Suzy Dreijer 19.Microbiology Hans van Doorne, Alexandra Staerk, David Roesti 20. Statistics Herman J Wynne, Hans van Rooij 21.Radiopharmacy Rogier Lange, Marco Prins, Adrie de Jong 22.Stability DaanTouw, Jean Vigneron 23.Raw materials Roel Bouwman, Richard Bateman 24.Containers Jan Dillingh, Julian Smith 25.Human resources Jan de Smidt, Hans van Rooij 26.Occupational health and safety Sylvie Crauste-Manciet, Shiwai Ng, Yvonne Bouwman 27.Premises Willem Boeke, Paul Le Brun 28.Equipment Marco Prins, Willem Boeke, Claudio Zanotto 29.Basic operations Herman Woerdenbag, Malgorzata Snitowska, Yvonne Bouwman 30.Sterilisation methods Marco Prins, Mattias Paulsson 31.Aseptic handling Frits Boom, Alison Beaney 32.Quality requirements and analysis Oscar Smeets, Mark Santillo 33.Documentation Rik Wagenaar, Mark Santillo 34.Production, Validation Quality Control Rogier Lange, Lilli Moller Andersen 35.Quality systems Yvonne Bouwman, Lilli Moller Andersen 36.Logistics V'Iain Fenton May, Hana Snajdrova 37.Instructions for the use of medicines Suzy Dreijer, Anthony Sinclair 38.Impact on Environment Bengt Mattson, Tessa Brandsema 39.Information sources Doerine Postma, Sin Ying Chuah Index.
"Written by experienced pharmacists working in hospitals and academia throughout Europe, Practical Pharmaceutics is complete with practical examples and information on current European Union legislation. ... This book is an essential must-have for all medicine preparation and quality control laboratories. All pharmacists should know it exists and what information it contains." (J. W. Foppe van Mil, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, Vol. 38, June, 2016) "Basic knowledge merges with practical examples ... . Students and pharmacists working in the preparation of medicines therefore are addressed equally. But the clinically active pharmacist also requires product knowledge for answering questions about the selection or customizing of medicines and will gladly use this book ... ." (Translated from German, Sylvia Obermeier, Krankenhauspharmazie, Vol. 37 (7), 2016) "It's only a matter of time before Practical Pharmaceutics ... will become an integral part of the university and pharmaceutical libraries. In the Czech environment, this comprehensive textbook has long lacked." (Translated from Czech, Czech Tribuna Lekaru, May, 2016) "The text is clear and concise and it favours practical purposes. The work has the merit of allowing the sharing and experience of local pharmacists and European hospitals in order to provide common cultural basis to those who operate in this sector." (Translated from Italian, Francesca Selmin Ph. D., Sifap - Societa Italiana Farmacisti Preparatori,, February, 2016)
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9783319158136
Verschijningsdatum 25 aug. 2015
Omvang 893
Redactie Yvonne Bouwman-Boer, V'Iain Fenton-May, Paul Le Brun
Auteur(s) Yvonne Bouwman-Boer V'Iain Fenton-May Paul Le Brun
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Taal Engels
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