Rehabilitation of the Spine

A Practitioner's Manual

  • Leibenson, Craig
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The foremost authorities from chiropractics, orthopaedics and physical therapy present a practical overview of spinal rehabilitation. This clinical resource presents the most current and significant spinal rehab information, showing how to apply simple and inexpensive rehabilitation in the office. The updated Second Edition includes: clinical/regional protocols and chapters on diagnostic triage, acute care, functional assessment, recovery care, outcomes, and biopsychosocial aspects.
1  Active care : its place in the management of spinal disorders by Craig Liebenson  3
2  The role of muscles, joints, and the nervous system in painful conditions of the spine by Craig Liebenson  30
3  Quality assurance : the scope of the spine problem and modern attempts to manage it by Craig Liebenson  51
4  Putting the biopsychosocial model into practice by Craig Liebenson  72
5  Lumbar spine stability : mechanism of injury and restabilization by Stuart M. McGill  93
6  The sources of back pain by Nikolai Bogduk and Charles Aprill  112
7  Diagnostic triage in patients with spinal pain by Neil Craton  125
8  Outcome assessment by Steven Yeomans and Craig Liebenson and Jennifer Bolton and Howard Vernon  146
App. 8A  Forms  169
9  Assessment of psychosocial risk factors of chronicity - "yellow flags" by Craig Liebenson and Steven Yeomans  183
App. 9A  Yellow flag form  201
10  Evaluation of muscular imbalance by Vladimir Janda and Clare Frank and Craig Liebenson  203
11  Quantification of physical performance ability by Craig Liebenson and Steven Yeomans  226
12  Physical performance tests : an expanded model of assessment and outcome by Maureen J. Simmonds and Ellen Lee  260
13  Employment screening and functional capacity evaluation to determine safe return to work by Leonard Matheson and Vert Mooney  276
14  Active self-care : functional reactivation for spine pain patients by Craig Liebenson  295
15  McKenzie spinal rehabilitation methods by Gary Jacob and Robin McKenzie and Steve Heffner  330
16  Brugger methods for postural correction by Dagmar Pavlu and Sibyle Petak-Krueger and Vladimir Janda  352
17  Rehabilitation of breathing pattern disorders by Maria Perri  369
Uitgavejaar 2005
ISBN 9780781729970
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2005
Editie 2Rev ed
Auteur(s) Leibenson, Craig
Taal Engels
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